Silver Anniversary Breakfast
at Ole Jim

Photographer: Patricia Beech
(click on picture)

First Row: Sharon Stevens Marquez, Dan Roix,
and Carla Simoneaux Miller
Second Row: Katherine Hebert Graham, Nancy Berg Mears,
Mary Beth Inman Aquila, Roy Cruz, and Max Miller

First Row: David Barry and Janet Mayberry Killam
Second Row: Lowrie Dana Barry, Katherine Hoglund Buta, Martha Thomas Toms, Mike Toms, and Jan Dubberley

First Row: Wendy Whiting, Patricia Barnard Henley,
Carol Noel Sharp, and Sidney Sharp
Second Row: Mary Kay Barbiere Kelley,
Rita Manzella Dietz, and Carla Pereira

Isaac Abenchuchan, Steven Heffley, Charlie Reisinger,
Don Yanke, Paula Yanke, Dan Rinas, Sheila Miller Balfe,
Eric Steele, Nomi Sklaire, and Susan Adamson Hocker

First Row: Mikey Tomita, Greg Harrison, Dr. Pat Johnson,
Don Crump, and Terri Caragliano Crump
Second Row: Pamela Shughart Dall,
Darrell Dall, and Jim Gibbs

First Row: Jack Cassell, Scot Ruthuen,
David Killam, and Janice Jo Garey Olson
Second Row: Nancy Burns and Bobby Moore

First Row: Linda Murphy Boland,
Sue Chapman Hubbard, and Bruce Hubbard
Second Row: Kathy Troncone Seymour, Coleen Stover Tuell, Keith Sibley, and Virginia Smith Stedman

First Row: Judy Gough, Ella Mae Lentz, Patrick Meehan,
Frank Tripson, and Marsha Miceli
Second Row: Jari Saavalainen, Wade Terry, Billie Jordan, Richard Pelletier, and Pam Anderson McMahon

First Row: Dianne Jenkins Lyles, Ric-Olin Lyles,
Albert Walla, and Alyce Slater Lentz
(secretary for GUAA Board Of Directors)
Second Row: Matt Searls, Susan Stern Searls, Wayne Ramella,
Donna Eads Salamoff, Alan Ramis, and Delia Fisher Ramis

First Row: Martha Warlick Timms,
Kea Larter Manfredonio, and Rosetta Duren
Second Row: Dale Birley, Leona Nederhoff Birley,
Nancy Bastian Eades, and Barbara Feese Frazier

First Row: Helen Woodward,
Mary Arrington Mowl, and Arnie Koche
Second Row: Clarence Russell, Karen Brickett Russell,
Patricia Gaither Beech, and Peggy Braun

Eddy Laird, Tom Harbison,
and Kathryn Hegberg Harbison

First Row: Barbara Bernstein Fant, Martha Warlick Timms,
Jeanne Southard Lavelle, and Mary Beth Inman Aquila
Second Row: Nancy Bastian Eades, Kea Larter Manfredonio,
Barbara Feese Frazier, and Leona Nederhoff Birley

Robert Scheffel, Sonny Ingram, Pax McCarthy,
Deka Oliver Kloepfer, Earl Wright,
and Debbie Bulian Wright

Updated October 26, 2000